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Real Life Sex Dolls 

Cherry Sweetheart is a leading supplier of Premium Quality Sex Love Dolls, supplying most countries WORLD WIDE.

We have Stock held in Australia, Spain, US & China for a Fast & Free Delivery and a Click n Collect based in MELBOURNE VIC.

We take pride and passion in providing the highest quality sex love doll to meet all of our customers pleasures and desires.

We work with only the best manufacturers such as IRONTECH, HM TECH, 6YEDOLLS & AI TECH to ensure high quality product, service, durability and longlife resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Our sex love dolls are made from medical grade TPE & Silicon materials, perfectly sculptured and designed to mimic the feel of a real woman and intimate companion, the skin and intimacy parts have a lifelike smooth velvety sensation for enhanced pleasure.

We offer a large range of seductive sex love dolls for your enjoyment, companionship and fulfilment. A variety of adult body shapes, sizes and cosmetic features, all of our dolls are extremely beautiful and realistic, delivering the ultimate epitome of beauty and pleasure.

For advanced intimate play we have animated movement sex love dolls that stimulate an intimate experience designed to give you a mind blowing orgasmic fantasy. You will love the feel of our advanced intimate animated moving sex love dolls.

If your after a true companion an interactive experience that satisfies all your emotional and physical needs be sure to check out our AI Tech Robots, remembering your name and hobbies 'she can be all you need her to be'


Love Sex Dolls 

Cherry Sweetheart provides the best and the most realistic sex love dolls and sex toys with Free Fast DISCREET Shipping to most countries world wide.

Our mission is to deliver the best service possible, giving our customers the ultimate opportunity in owning a high quality love sex doll that will bring many years of love, companionship, connection and enjoyment.

When you purchase a sex love doll from Cherry Sweetheart, you can expect a gold star quality service from the initial purchase to the final delivery.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction - If your not happy we are not happy, our main focus is quality product & customer satisfaction.

we offer a range of standard inclusions including sexy lingerie, cleaning enema, removable or fixed vagina, USB portable heat device, toenail colour of your choice and standing feet. 

Optional upgrades and alterations include: hidden standing feet, gel breast implants and booty, skin tone, voice function moaning during intercourse, pubic hair & implanted hair real or synthetic in replacement of a wig, change of eye colour, change of hair/wig, nail colours, height, areola colour and size, genital colour, most alterations will be free of charge. We also take custom orders, strictly adult dolls only. please email direct for prices and to discuss your requirements.

Treat yourself - Find your sweetheart here today with one of the most respected sex doll suppliers.

please reach out with any queries: 


We take pride and passion in providing high quality love sex dolls for your pleasure and well-being.

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